How to Fix AOL Mail Error Code 554

How to fix AOL Mail error code 554

AOL Email error code 554 is an issue, which occurs when a user tried to send emails to multiple users simultaneously. It happens at the time of sending and receiving emails. Even though it may sound a complex to some users, but it is easy to solve. You should first try to apply the primary troubleshooting method manually. Besides, if required, then go for technical assistance by dialing the AOL customer service number. Let us consider this error and deal it systematically. First, understanding the reasons and causes and then moving to the solution. This blog informs the user in a synchronized manner. 

Reasons why AOL Mail error code 554 occurs

  • The number one reasons and the primary one is due to the poor internet connectivity. Due to slow internet services, this error code pops up on the display screen.
  • Another reason can be when you are trying to send multiple emails at the same time. 
  • In addition, if the server denies the emails that you are sending or receiving and blocks you from accessing the service, then this could become a reason for this error.
To troubleshoot the given causes, you can check the solution shared below and then further move to the next solution.

Solving net connectivity issues: Make sure that the internet connection is working appropriately. Try connecting any other device with the wireless connection. If there lies, an issue with the same then contact your internet service provider. 
Update AOL Settings: The users should make sure that they update the AOL email client settings from time to time.
Machine and system’s compatibility: You should verify that if the device and the internet browser are compatible with each other. It would also help in preventing the 554 error.

How to resolve AOL Error code 554?

  1. In the first step, you should reboot all the devices that are using the internet connection.
  2. Next, temporarily disabling the Antivirus application and Windows Firewall is a good and recommended option
  3. Now, log out of the AOL email service
  4. Begin by rebooting the AOL email account
  5. Once you are through with the steps, open the default web browser and then search for AOL email login
  6. Enter your credentials and try sending the emails. 
  7. The process would ensure the smooth functioning of the email service.

Helpful tips:

Here are some tips that you can look at to avoid the error. They are helpful to you and avoid the error in the end.
  • You should ensure that Internet Service Provider is not blocking the AOL server
  • Avoid using the public networks for connecting your AOL email
  • Verify the IMAP and SMTP settings
Incoming mail server
  • (993 is the port number.)
  • SSL required- YES
Outgoing mail server
  • TLS required-Yes
Hope, this blog helped resolve your error. If you are still facing technical issues, then kindly have a word with the certified experts at AOL email contact number. The techies are available via a toll-free number or live chat system. 

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