AOL Main Not Working on I Phone

Imagine you have to send an important mail, and suddenly you notice that the AOL mail is not working on your iPhone. If you are not left with any other option of sending the mail, this would become your worst nightmare. However, AOL mail has always tried its best to provide users with maximum satisfaction. With its quick service, users can connect with their friends, families, business associates, clients, etc. It helps you send and receive messages more conveniently and hence preferred over other email service providers. So if you are an iPhone user, you must have been encountering the issue of ‘AOL Email Help,’ but you don’t have to worry because the problem is not complicated at all. The issue could be quickly resolved once you refer to the steps shared below in this blog. If you are in a hurry, you can connect with the experts and speak to them regarding the issue. They will provide you with the most prominent solution in very less time.

Steps to fix ‘AOL mail not working on iPhone’:

  • Airplane mode can help you to fix the issue:
A major issue which is encountered by the users with the AOL mail is that they don’t receive emails even after they refresh the inbox. This problem is majorly caused due to network problem rather than the application. Sometimes your iPhone indicates that you have an internet connection, its not real. So you can fix AOL mail not working on iPhone issue by using the airplane mode.

  • For a stronger impact, you can reset the network settings
If you notice that the problem persists even after switching the airplane mode on and off, you may have to take some more significant steps. Another reason for the problem could be that your iPhone is unable to catch the network efficiency. You can reset the network settings on your iPhone to refresh the network.
  •  Remove AOL account from the mail app and then add it
One of the most efficient solutions would be if you remove the account from mail app and then add it back later. When you use this step, it will refresh your account entirely and the issue of ‘AOL mail not working on iPhone’ will be fixed.
  • Use AOL app rather than using the mail app
If none of the above solutions help you to fix this error, then it is recommended to use AOL app to access your account instead of using the mail app on your iPhone.
  • Reboot the system
You can try rebooting the system to avoid any glitches with the software. You can also install all the new available updates.

If you carefully follow these steps, your issue will be fixed very soon. But if it persists, you can get in touch with AOL customer care to avail assistance from the experts who serve you with the best solution in no time. You can freely connect with them whenever you feel like reporting an issue.

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